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where we live for morally grey

because it doesn't matter what they think anyway

we ship the 'cest and we like it
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THE COMMUNITY shipcest is a community dedicated to any and all incest ships. We were originally created for ships that sunk (and then grew wings) when the couples, or viewers, discovered they are related, but it's funner to include everyone don't you think?

RULES 1. We are here for the love. We do not care if you think Sylaire is so much hotter than Paire or if you think every member is going to burn in hell, we live for morally grey. Love it. Embrace it. Or GTFO. This also means we do not want to hear about how "in denial" you are, this is where we thrive in the incest, not wallow in it.

2. No flaming, to any degree, is acceptable. No flaming of people, characters, writers, or pairings. If you do, you will automatically be banned. We are not condoning incest in the real world in any way, shape, or form so keep those rants out of here. This community is purely for entertainment purposes.

3. Please use cuts for any spoilers and all large images.

4. Please tag your posts. The system is pretty straightforward- icons: pairing, fanfic: pairing, discussion: pairing, etc. If you absolutely can't figure out how to tag something, leave it blank and one of the mods will take care of it. Please remember to include a rating when you post fanfic.
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OUR SHIPS peter/claire. sylar/claire. nathan/sylar. peter/syalr. peter/nathan. claire/nathan. claire/noah. claire/lyle. arthur/peter. arthur/nathan. arthur/sylar. arthur/claire. chuck/serena. marcus/catherine (lordcest). sam/dean. nathan/peter. susan/peter. edmund/peter. edmund/lucy. edmund/susan. peter/lucy. tony/effy. justin/rebecca. simon/river. michael/lincoln. dexter/brian. hector/paris. brenda/brandon. connor/murphy. edward/rosalie. alice/edward. jasper/rosalie. emmett/alice. don/charlie. derek/casey. izzie/edwin. michael/lindsay. fred/george. lucas/nathan. lucius/draco. angel/connor. john/derek. tommy/jimmy. tommy/kevin. tommy/sean. jimmy/kevin. jimmy/sean. kevin/sean. ryan/dana. spike/angel. jack/claire. shannon/boone. ben/casey affleck. eragon/murtagh. ed/al. sara/setsuna. michael/lucifer. izzie/max. daniel/alexis. frank/dwayne. hank/dean. chuck/eric. ace/luffy. gaara/temari. shun/ikki. quentin/caddy. cael/di di. arthur/morgan le fey. gerard/mikey. luke/leia. chris/wyatt. margot/richie. alec/isabelle. rook/thom. spencer/carly. ron/ginny. jack/michelle. justin/alex. violet/klaus. miley/jackson. cathy/chris. freddie/karen. joradn/ruby. derek/casey. edwin/lizzy. michael/kristina. johnny/claudia. jason/emily. eomer/eowyn. luke/leia. drake/josh. abby/henry. dexter/deb. edward/frankie. albus/rose. joshua/claudia. speed racer/racer x. derek/laura. peter/derek. sheriff/styles. oliver/thea.

know of a ship we should add? drop it in the suggestion box
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members only.
please join and watch

DISCLAIMER(S) this community does not condone or encourage incest
in real world situations, this community is purely for entertainment

the RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after
previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with any music you
may collect here is your own responsiblity. shipcest does
not encourage the sharing of copyrighted files nor does it claim
responsibility for the actions of any of its members.

all book, movie, and television text and video is the property of their
respective owners and is subject to national copyright laws. shipcest
does not claim responsibility for copyright violations on behalf of its

what members post and/or download is their respective

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